Attractions in Kollam Kerala

ASHRAMAM GUEST HOUSE OR BRITISH RESIDENCY British Residency - One of the historic buildings in Kollam. Till 1829, Quilon was the capital of the Travancore State with the headquarters of the British Residency situated here. Captain Arthur was in charge of design and construction in the city of Kollam, Kerala, India. Built by Colonel John Munro, its construction began in 1811 and completed in 1819 . The Residency Bungalow is a prominent landmark in this city. THEVALLY PALACE KOLLAM Thevally Palace is a kind of architectural marvel situated at Kollam city. It was built in between 1811 and 1819, during the reign of Gowri Parvati Bayi. The Kings of Travancore had used Thevally Palace during their visits to Kollam in order to meet the British Residents and to discuss with the officials. The architecture of the palace is a mixture of British, Dutch and Portuguese. The palace was once used for the administrative purposes. Kollam was the capital of Travancore kingdom then. The total skeleton of the palace, made of materials like laterire and lime plaster. The main attraction of the palace is that, it is situated on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake. The palace includes a temple of Lord Sastha. KOLLAM- THE DESHINGNAD AT ITS BEST Kottarakkara Sri Mahaganapthy Temple This temple is situated at Kottarakkara which is located only 36 km close to the Resort. This temple is dedicated to both Lord Ganapathy and his father Lord Shiva Festival lasting eleven days that attracts lakhs of devotees, is celebrated annually. Jatayu Para This is a huge rock spread over 110acres of the hill at Chadayamangalam on which the Mythical Eagle "Jataya" breathed his last after his bid to avert the demon king Ravana abducting Sita. The Department of Tourism, Govt .of Kerala have started a project under the auspicious supervision of the world-renowned films maker Shri Rajeev Anchal to make the rock a busy tourism spot in the state by offering scope for adventure and sculpturing of the Jatayu on the rock that contains 50 seated Theatre and museum. Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple This temple which is an excellent specimen of the rock-cut architecture is situated at kottukal just 10 KM east of SH1 Punalur ( Land Of Waters) A hill resort just 30 Kms East of the site. The Suspension bridge at Punalur, ( Punalur Thookkupalam) a monument by the British built over river Kallada Attracts everyone's attention. Thenmala This region is covered with dense forest, rubber and tea plantations. Thenmala is home to India,s first planned Ecotourism project. It has a leisure zone that includes winding pathways, a sway bridge, and a boardwalk, an amphitheatre, a musical fountain and a dam across river Kallada offering boat cruises. This place became a paradise to the national and international; tourists Ariyankavu Ariyankavu is famous for the shrine dedicated to Sree Sastha. Mandala Pooja and Thirukalyanam are the major festivals here which attract thousands of domestic and interstate pilgrims. Palaruvi Waterfalls Palaruvi which means a stream of milk makes its way down the rocks from a height of 300 feet. The surrounding jungle adds to the grandeur of the area, Kumbaurutti waterfalls An enchanting waterfalls in the Achankovil forest. The government of Kerala is giving more emphasis recently. Kollam City This is the cashew capital of the world. The city is rich in ancient monuments, historic magnifcient temples, churches and trading centres. Coir cashew. handloom, fishery etc are the traditional industries. World famous minerals belong to the rare earth of Kollam Thangasseri This seaside village of historic importance has the ruins of an old Portuguese port and churches built in the 18 the century. TheThangasseri lighthouse which is 144 feet high, is open to visitors from 15.30 to 17.30 hrs. Thirumulavaram Beach This beach is a beautiful picnic spot attracting a large number of tourists from world over. The palm trees around to the calm that surrounds. Courtallam Waterfalls Courtallam. 'the spa of the south' situated at an elevation of 170 m on the Western Ghats. Besides being a tourist spot this is a health resort. The waters of Courtallam has therapeutic value to cure physical ailments as the water flows through a herbal forest. There are 9 waterfalls here. Mata Amrithananthamayi Ashram The ashram of Mata Amrithananthamayi situated at Amrithapuri near Vallikavu is the headquarters of the Matha's ashrams. Crores of Amma devotees all over the world visit here for darshan. The ashram can be reached by boat and road. Sasthankotta This freshwater lake surrounded by hills on three sides is the largest of its kind in Kerala. This is an important pilgrim spot where the ancient Sastha temple dedicated to the Lord Ayyappa' is situated Picnic Village This recreation spot is located at Asramam very close to Kollam city. A 200 years old Guest House, a tourist boat club, an Adventure park, a children's traffic park etc are the main attractions here. Oachira It is here the unique Parabrahma Temple situated. The temple has no idol, no deity and is dedicated to the "Universal Consciousness instead. The Oachira Kali and Panthrandu vilakku are the two main annual festivals. ASHTAMUDI LAKE

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